Tuesday, May 17, 2016

AnnMade Quilting Prices 5/2016

AnnMade Quilting Prices
Effective May, 2016

Minimum Charge $35.00, regardless of size

Measuring your quilt top:  Quilting is priced per square inch based on the dimensions of your quilt top.  This is figured by multiplying the length of the quilt top by the width.  For example, a quilt measuring 80 inches by 100 inches will be 8,000 square inches. 

Price per square inch:  Base price is $.012 per square inch for a basic edge-to-edge design, usually stippling, which is stitching that meanders over the surface of the quilt. 

Using the above example, 80 inches x 100, the price for quilting would be $96.00 (8000 x .012)

--  Other edge-to-edge designs are available and price will depend on the density of the quilting and the complexity of the design. 

--  Freehand custom quilt designs are also priced per square inch, depending on the density and complexity of the design. 

--    When we meet to discuss your quilt, we will agree on a design, color of thread and a price. 

Backing fabric and batting:

--  Size:  backing and batting must be a minimum of 4” larger than your quilt top on all 4 sides.   That’s 8 inches longer (4” top and 4” bottom) and 8 inches wider (4” each side) than your quilt top.  

--  Backing fabric:  please supply backing fabric for your quilt, regular quilting cotton or flannel are appropriate fabrics.   Please do not use bed sheets.  There will be an additional charge if backing fabric must be ironed or squared up, if it must be pieced by me, or if it's not long/wide enough.   

--   Batting:   please supply batting for your quilt, I prefer Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting.  If you have a different type of batting, we can discuss that. 

Binding:  Quilting price does not include binding.  If you can piece a quilt top, you can bind it yourself.  It’s not that hard and it’s satisfying to put the final touch on your completed quilt.  There are many tutorials to teach you to do this. 

I can sew a prepared binding to the front of your quilt to be completed by you.  There is an additional cost for my preparation of the binding and for applying the binding.  But really, you should do it yourself!

Contact Info:  Annie Schneider  918-630-5197;  annmadeOK@gmail.com

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